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Dear Partners:

Allied Feather & Down is committed to ethical business practices in everything we do. We are transparent in the way we conduct our business and work with our partners to implement safe, clean, humane supply chain solutions.

Allied Feather & Down has been instrumental in the development of the largest responsible sourcing industry standards. Working together with both The North Face on the Responsible Down Standard and Patagonia with the Traceable Down Standard, Allied is positioned as the global leader in responsibly sourced certified material.

Allied’s processing methods continue to be the most innovative and sustainable in the industry. With the proprietary machinery and procedures, all water used in washing is recycled and no chemicals are discharged directly into the drainage. It is estimated that, with our water recycling program, Allied recycles over 65 million gallons of water annually in its Chinese facility alone.

As a bluesign® system partner, Allied ensures that chemicals and detergents are safe for the environment and our business practices follow suit.

To further demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we have instituted the Allied Pledge, a comprehensive program of audits and certifications now applied to every aspect of our business, from the sourcing of our feathers and down to testing, manufacturing and delivery of our finished product, to ensure that our suppliers, partners and manufacturing processes meet a high standard of performance in everything we do.

The Allied Pledge is based on five components:

o Third Party Testing

o Supplier Audits and Certifications

o Traceability

o Environmental Standards

o Industry Leadership

Down and feathers that meet Allied’s high standards are now given the Allied Shield of Approval, a mark that assures our customers they have purchased the finest down and feathers from a company with the highest standards of quality and ethical business practices. Customers may use this mark on garments and bedding supplied by Allied.

To complete Allied’s social responsibility efforts, Allied is an active member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and continues to use the industry-leading position to give back through The Conservation Alliance.

With Best Regards,

Steve Uretsky, President
Allied Feather and Down Corp.



To ensure our customers that they always receive quality and humanely gathered down and feathers, Allied has samples of all lots tested by independent laboratories specializing in the testing of down and feathers.

We use the laboratory requested by a partner or one of our regular laboratory partners, such as the California Down and Feather Laboratory (CDFL) or the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL), which has worldwide facilities and is the largest third party testing organization in the world.

The laboratories test raw, washed and finished material for:
• Species of down & feathers (duck or goose)
• Composition of down & feathers
• Cleanliness
• Fill Power

The independent labs we use are independent both from our suppliers and ourselves and have no interest or reason to favor or protect any individual suppliers or groups of suppliers. To see a sample of our Third Party Test Report, click here.


Allied requires certification from our entire supply chain from the collectors who gather the down and feathers to the final manufacture of our product to make sure that we conform to environment and animal welfare regulations and standards.

In 2008, we became the first company to require signed audits from our suppliers verifying the source and content of every lot of down we receive. Our commitment to ethical business practices also requires suppliers to verify the humane treatment of animals. We buy no product from suppliers that live-pluck birds.

Allied also verifies compliance with cleanliness and hygiene rules for down and feather processing and sterilization. We also make regular, random farm visits to our suppliers to monitor their farming and sourcing practices.

In addition to supplier verification, we require a third party chain of custody audit for materials that are sold to us.

When the down is received at our facilities, our lab technician checks samples of every lot and then issues our own in-house certification.


Allied is an industry leader in establishing systems for traceability. Allied traces each and every individual batch of down we receive. Early on, we collaborated with members of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) to develop standards and methodologies for tracking product through the complex down and feather supply chain.

Allied executives remain active in the OIA, where we were a founding member of the OIA’s Down Task Force. We also continue to serve on the Textile Exchange Materials Traceability Steering Committee, where we work continuously to improve industry methods.


Allied works with environmental associations to define and enforce industry standards that protect the world we live in. Our proprietary washing process involves multiple washes in biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergent and a system that enables Allied to use recycled water to process our down.

We are continuously looking for new ways to reduce our water usage. As further validation, we have consistently received awards from the Los Angeles County AQMD for the cleanliness of the water that we discharge.

Our commitment extends to other parts of our operation. We have installed renewable energy systems in our offices and facilities. We recycle and reuse many of our shipping supplies to reduce our consumption and waste. And our commitment to never use harmful chemicals or caustic substances that could endanger the environment has earned Allied local governmental recognition for being a clean and efficient factory.

Allied has received Bluesign certification -- the Everest of approvals in manufacturing. This certification requires an evaluation of the entire supply chain – from suppliers to Allied to ensure that a company follows “Environment, Health and Safety” (EHS) issues that reduce the environmental footprint and foster a healthy, responsible textile industry company.

bluesign® approval is a coveted mark only given to companies that achieve optimal environmental performance and conduct regular audits in five key areas: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emissions, water emissions and occupational health and safety.

It’s worth noting that Allied met all of the criteria before this prestigious mark even existed. We admire the rigorous attention to detail that bluesign® upholds because we share a passion for creating the best product for people and the planet. For more information on bluesign®, visit www.bluesign.com.


Allied is involved in many industry organizations and is a vocal proponent of working with industry groups to set new standards in sourcing, product certification, sustainability and global supply chain traceability. Our involvement includes:

Outdoor Industry Association: Allied was one of the founding members of the OIA and a founding member of the Down Task Force. Currently, Allied is a member of the Materials Traceability Working Group. Our General Counsel was one of four panelists on the first ever Down Panel at the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show, where he shared current best practices and called for more stringent industry standards.

International Down and Feather Bureau: The IDFB is the international trade association of the down/feather industry (processors of raw material and/or producers of finished articles, filled with down/feathers) and suppliers. The IDFB also offers laboratory technician training and an independent testing institute.

China Feather and Down Industrial Association: The CFDIA consists of enterprises, scientific institutes and relevant corporations working to improve best practices across the whole supply chain in the down and feather industry. CFDIA actively manages the relationship between producers, merchandise and the end consumers and plays an irreplaceable role in the feather and down industry by establishing regulations and by the handling and settling of international disputes on down trade products.

Pro Down Alliance: As an active member, Allied works with this European organization to encourage best practices among our suppliers with respect to EU laws and ethical business practices in regards to sourcing and animal welfare. EU laws are regarded as the strictest in the world for animal protection.