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At Allied Feather & Down, we are in the business of keeping you warm, dry, and ultimately safe.  Whether that means keeping you temperate under a down comforter so that you can catch a good night’s rest or it means keeping your body warm and dry while you are out surviving the elements, we want to provide you with the highest quality, most ethically sourced down on the market.

We sell a byproduct that has been used as a means to keep humans warm for centuries: feather and down from geese and duck. We understand and respect the concern for the welfare of the animals that ultimately provide us with the gift of down. We are very sensitive to these issues and we are open to talking about it. We are making great strides in ensuring transparency so that you can know where your down is coming from and have peace of mind.

To dispel some common misconceptions and answer our most frequently asked questions, we have come up with a convenient one-stop FAQ page.


Allied Down

Product Care

While Allied always recommends checking the label of your garment or with the manufacturer regarding proper care, here are some basic tips you may find useful.