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Responsible Down Standard Certified Down

Allied has always been dedicated to developing supply chains throughout the world that offer responsibly sourced / collected down with the ability to trace that product from farm through processing to shipping out to manufacturers. In 2008, Allied became first down supplier to require signed certificates throughout our entire supply chain. And in 2011, Allied was again the first to enlist third party auditing throughout.

In increasing the transparency and traceability in our supply chains, we realized the need for an all-encompassing industry sourcing standard. We set out with The North Face®, Control Union and Textile Exchange to help develop a new in-depth and all-encompassing standard that could be used by the entire industry. With this in mind, The Responsible Down Standard was birthed.

Independent, third-party assessment of all aspects of animal rearing and handling throughout the entire down supply chain help to improve the welfare of animals and, at the same time, provide retailers and consumers alike with greater confidence in responsible sourcing. 

Developed over 15 months of intensive research and field visits and audits, the RDS is independently owned by Textile Exchange. The RDS reflects the input of animal welfare groups, supply chain members and brands, and is already proving to be a powerful tool in influencing industry practices around the globe.

The Responsible Down Standard is the mark to help companies ensure that the down in their products does not come from animals that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm, and to make accurate claims on their products.  Our RDS certified down is certified through Control Union - a premier third party certification body. 

With Allied RDS certified down, brands, retailers and consumers have the security knowing the fill inside their product is the highest quality responsibly sourced down available.

Allied is proud to be able to offer RDS certified down from our global supply chain. Coupled with our other traceability tools and consumer tracking website at trackmydown.com, Allied is able to offer all our brands the most comprehensive responsible sourcing and traceability package to the outdoor, apparel and bedding industries.

Advanced Down Technologies

Fluorocarbon Free Water Resistant Down

The HyperDRY™ natural wax-based compound works the same way traditional DWR chemicals do by building a carbon-hydrogen chain on the down cluster to decrease the surface tension which ultimately causes water to bead and roll off. The difference is that wax, as a material, is not fluorinated. The fluoridation of the carbon-hydrogen chains in previously used DWR treatments is what gives these chemicals an extremely long held-life making them almost impossible to break down wreaking havoc on the ecosystem in our waterways. 

  • Currently tests over 80% longer than other water resistant down on the market in industry standard DWR shake test
  • Tested for PFOA and PFOS

Anti-Microbial Down

BioDown™ anti-microbial down prevents microorganism and bacteria build up on the fill that can add weight to untreated down causing it to lose loft and create unwanted odors. The treatment is washable, retains volume and imparts a durable freshness for extended use in the coldest dampest climes.

  • Reduces bacteria growth by greater than 99%
  • Deodorizes with fresh clean scent

F X Down™
Down + Fiber Blend

Most synthetic fibers aren’t capable of blending evenly with down to form a cohesive, lofty fill. When using common synthetics to blend, the down clusters and artificial fill tend to wrap around each other. This suffocates the down, causing it to clump and lose its fill power -- the element of down which provides its renowned warmth-to-weight ratio.

Allied Feather & Down has searched the globe for uniquely created fibers that are capable of blending successfully with our award winning down. After locating fibers that possessed the right attributes for blending, we married that fiber in our proprietary machinery. The result is a unique, hybrid fill that successfully bridges the gap between products. F X Down™ acts and feels more like down providing superior warmth, and is capable of performing after washing.

  • Superior warmth
  • Increased water resistance from synthetic alone
  • Washable
  • Available in different blends to cater to specific performance or cost needs

Allied Advantages

bluesign® approved

Bluesign is the Everest of approvals in manufacturing. This certification links together suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands to work toward solutions for “Environment, Health and Safety” (EHS) issues that  reduce the environmental footprint and foster a healthy, responsible textile industry. bluesign® approval is a coveted mark only given to companies that achieve optimal environmental performance and conduct regular audits in five key areas: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emissions, water emissions and occupational health and safety. It’s worth noting that Allied met all of the criteria before this prestigious mark even existed. We admire the rigorous attention to detail that bluesign® upholds because we share a passion for creating the best product for people and the planet.  For more information on bluesign®, visit bluesign.com.

Allergen-free: Allied undergoes rigorous cleaning and testing of its down from a third party to ensure the down is free of chemicals and irritants. Testing measures turbidity, and while 400mm+ is considered hypoallergenic, Allied down consistently measures 1000mm+, making it the cleanest and most allergen-free down available.

Globally sourced: Allied sources down and feathers from suppliers with whom we have developed relationships over many years and who meet our stringent requirements. We take everything into account: bird maturity, climate, breed, species and animal welfare, as each of these characteristics affects the quality of the down.

DuraWash™ cleaned: The very best way to achieve the warmest, lightest, most durable down is to clean it properly. Our proprietary washing process involves multiple washes in biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergent and recycled water. From the washer, the down is thoroughly dried, cooled and de-dusted. Down passes through a metal detector and is shipped in bags and containers that prevent foreign elements like dirt and oil from compromising the quality.

Warmer than synthetics: Down provides more insulation per ounce than any other material, making it the optimal insulator. Every ounce of quality down has about two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of non-conducting still air that keeps warmth in and cold out.  Down has the ability to mold itself to the body while synthetics remain rigid. Down also breathes and wicks away perspiration, so the user doesn't experience the clamminess associated with synthetics.

100% recyclable and natural: Unlike synthetic fill that relies on natural resources to be produced, Allied down is a sustainable, renewable and all-natural product. Allied buys only from suppliers that grow geese and ducks for the food industry.  Down is only a by-product, something left over from the birds after they have been sold for their meat.



Our badges indicate the fill power of our down. All Allied down is  bluesign® approved and allergen-free. And because our fill undergoes a rigorous multi-wash process, its warmer, lighter and more durable than other down.

All of our goose and duck down is available in a wide range of fill powers, from 500 to 900 fill. Allied also sells a revolutionary line of synthetic fills for soft, resilient alternatives in the bedding industry.


The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Goose Downs:

500 Fill Power Goose Down
550 Fill Power
Goose Down
600 Fill Power
Goose Down
650 Fill Power
Goose Down
700 Fill Power
Goose Down
750 Fill Power
Goose Down
800 Fill Power
Goose Down
850 Fill Power
Goose Down
900 Fill Power
Goose Down (Limited quantity available. Email or call to check availability.)



The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Duck Downs:

500 Fill Power Duck Down
550 Fill Power Duck Down
600 Fill Power
 Duck Down
650 Fill Power
 Duck Down
700 Fill Power
 Duck Down
750 Fill Power
 Duck Down
800 Fill Power
 Duck Down

Down & Feather Blends

The following fill powers are available in Goose and Duck and in White and Grey Blends:

Goose Feather - No down content
Goose Feather - Minimum 5% down content
Goose Feather 10% - At least 10% down content
Goose Feather 25% - 25% down and 75% feather
Goose Down 50% - 480- 500 Fill Power 50% down and 50% feather


Goose Down Feather Blends

European White Goose Feathers - Minimum 5% down content
European White Goose Feathers 10% - Minimum 10% down content
European White Goose Feathers 25% - Minimum 25% down content
European Grey Goose Feathers - Minimum 5% down content
European Grey Goose Feathers 25% - Minimum 25% down content

Synthetic Fills

Allied carries a full range of synthetic fills of varying qualities. Please contact us with inquiries.

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