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ALLIED takes our responsible sourcing initiatives extremely seriously. We have worked for years tirelessly as industry leaders developing supply chains that give our partners assurances that we are doing everything we can to provide the highest quality responsibly sourced material free of not just live plucking and force feeding, but all animal welfare concerns.

Recent claims have been made by PETA that loosely associate live plucked material from a White Goose Down cooperative to ALLIED by way of a very small supply chain pre-processor. It is with total confidence that we can say that, based on our investigation, absolutely no such down was purchased by ALLIED and used in any products of any partners who use ALLIED down.

With complete transparency, ALLIED did purchase a small amount of down from this intermediary in February 2015, almost nine months prior to this investigation. This shipment equated to approximately 0.07% of our supply for that season. Further, the material purchased was from grey geese and in no way can be further connected to this or any other white goose down farm where PETA has claimed to witness or hear about live-plucking. At the time, prior to the growth of the Responsible Down Standard, ALLIED worked with independent regional veterinarians to further document that all material purchased by ALLIED was collected from birds raised solely for food post-slaughter. We have never solely taken any supplier's word in something so sensitive to us. Given this information and with all corresponding documentation, we are 100% confident that the material from the video or any other farm engaged in live-plucking connected by way of this small intermediary did NOT enter into the ALLIED supply chain - making any association between ALLIED Feather & Down and live-plucked material - as alluded to or described by PETA - impossible and wholly disingenuous.

Live-plucking is an abhorrent practice that is a real, but very small part of the entire down supply chain. The material is a very high fill power down from older birds kept as mother geese that comprise approximately 1% of the global supply. The overwhelming majority of down is collected from birds that are raised for food with down a by-product of that industry. ALLIED, as a company, made a pledge long ago to not purchase any material from birds that have been live plucked even though some suppliers and markets continue to support this practice.

ALLIED is 100% committed to having a responsible, trustworthy, and ethical supply chain. We have continued to work with the largest industry standards to certify close to 100% of our global supply chain. These new third party standards further increase traceability and offer a robust chain of custody auditing process to help to ensure that material like this never enters into our supply. The claims made by PETA come from a time just after the release of the Responsible Down Standard and in no way reflects the robust and comprehensive nature of these standards today.

Regardless, we are concerned about this claim - not just for us, but for the entire industry. We are therefore looking closely at this region to ensure none of our certified supply chain partners are supporting such a practice - knowingly or not. It is critical that we provide all our partners the highest quality, most responsibly sourced material available, and these allegations simply help demonstrate the importance of third-party standards such as the Responsible Down Standard and Global Traceable Down Standard. We are confident that with standards like these, in addition to other strong brand-level third-party-certified CSR sourcing initiatives, it is only a matter of time before such atrocities are eradicated completely.

We take great pride in our supply chain, and it saddens us that some markets and suppliers support such practices.

With Sincerity,
ALLIED Feather & Down

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